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The development history of architecture has proved that roof tiles not only play an important role but also demonstrate their durability. By now, some have endured for several centuries. These buildings with ancient tile roof will continue their resplendence.

The law of nature tell us that heavier metals are often capable of better sound insulation. This European style interlocking tiles have certain weight and their interlocking structure provides safety. Therefore they are able to insulate sound, protecting you free of the noise of wind or rain .

This European style interlocking tiles have high density, the leakage proof system of the tile pipes are perfect. Therefore the heat insulation result is excellent, keeping you free of high temperature in summer.

Quality Processes

We are more efficient, flexible and effective in the manufacture and delivery of our products.


Improve by choosing new colors, using specific fittings and avoiding spoiling the roof with mortar


Innovative structure can make the roof and the building cost effective, keeping the look original.


Bring unmatched comfort in the house with better heat protection